Baxter Angus Sale

April 23, 2024
5 P.M. CDT
At the Farm

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Baxter Angus

Located in Northeastern South Dakota near Rockham, SD. It consists of 3500 acres of which 1500 acres are corn, soybeans, and wheat. The natural pasture and tame hay support a total cow herd of 325.

The first registered Angus cows were bought in 1992 and have become more and more of the total herd as we only save registered replacements. Bulls and heifers were sold private treaty until 2006 when we started the open house sale.

In 2009, we started our first public auction sale. Rotational grazing has helped to maintain the cows in dry years and build the herd when it rains. We are able to winter graze much longer by stockpiling hay and grass.

Jandel Angus Ranch

Located alongside Baxter Angus near Rockham, SD, this is where we plant our roots. Jade, Jenna, Cleo, and Kane make up the core of Jandel Angus as a family operation. The love for raising cattle has always been a passion of Jade's. From buying the first cow alongside is father, the pride of raising genuine cattle was instilled. Registered cattle were finally purchased in 2017 where the big step commenced. Year after year the herd has changed from commercial to registered Angus seedstock.

Baxter and Jandel Angus have the goal to produce exceptional maternal based cattle that will thrive in every condition thrown at them. The cows are expected to thrive on the range as well as sustain body condition through the winter months with bale grazing and grazing of cover crops. Replacement heifers are grown on a roughage-based diet based with alfalfa, prairie hay and distillers grain. Our heifers excel without pampering and are given plenty of room to be athletic. Our sale bulls are expected to perform on a roughage-based diet without sacrificing feet and longevity from too much fine feed and the effects of acidosis.

Thanks for visiting our website. Please stop by the farm. Visitors are always welcome!

Contact Us

Baxter Angus Farm
16984 368th Ave.
Rockham, SD 57470

Cell: (605) 450-0206

1/2 mile east & 2 miles north of Rockham, SD

Jandel Angus Ranch
Rockham, SD
Cell: (605) 460-1714

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